SATURDAY 15th MAY 2024

10.00 AM TO 1.00 PM


Where did the last four weeks go?  We do seem to be whizzing through this year and the next work party is due almost before members of the team have recovered from the last one.

Attendance last month was low, but effort was focussed on the green, clearing nettles and brambles from around the benches, poo bins, new trees, and paths, but leaving plenty still to do.

Because of the average lower turnouts of late, the Committee decided to invest in more mechanisation and have purchased another battery powered brush cutter, which will enable more to be achieved by the few.  It should arrive in time to be put to good use on the 15th.  If you have experience of using a brush cutter please come along and help make good use of it.

As before, if you have them, please bring brush/hedge cutters and shears etc and we will start work on other areas that badly need attention.  Base camp will be the bonfire site, but if arriving much after 10am look out for early birds wearing hi viz jackets.

Everybody must now know the drill about wearing the right protective clothing, leaving tools safely and how important our coffee break is, so we won’t repeat it.

What we will repeat though is this: please do come and join in this essential work, because if it wasn’t for the dedicated volunteers you would not be able to walk the paths, sit on the benches and use the poo bins without getting seriously stung by the nettles.  Please do  come along and do your bit.