10.00 am TO 1.00 pm

Last month a huge number of daffodil bulbs were planted, which should result in an even grander display next spring. This work party we will continue to clear the brush from around our latest planting site. Unfortunately some of our saplings have been damaged by inappropriate den building and although we don’t want to spoil the enjoyment children have in and around these dens it makes sense to limit the building of any more.

There is also a lot of fallen timber that needs to be cleared and some pruning to be done to keep the paths clear. The stack of timber for the November bonfire is already impressive and by the time we will have finished this Saturday we can be sure of a spectacular bonfire next month.

Good news is that we have been allocated two containerised trees from the Local Authority Landscape Fund. We're not sure when they will arrive, or how big they will be, but supposedly they will be planted, watered and maintained by the contractors for three years. We only need to be on hand to show where we want them planted. We're not sure how effective the watering and maintenance will be, but FoPB can step in and take over if necessary. We also have a donated Sweet Chestnut tree which is ready for planting out in the Beeches - plenty to do as usual.

One of our members mowed the grass in and around the Rose Garden in Wettern Tree Gardens a couple of weeks ago and it was much appreciated. As before, if there are enough of us, we might help with some weeding in the Rose Garden.

Hoes for weeding and loppers and bow saws for pruning are the tools to bring to this work party, but of course, we do have our own tools in the Green Room

We will meet at 10am at the Green Room before heading off to our various activities, but arrive and depart at any time between 10 and 1 o’clock. For any newbies planning to come, the Green Room is down the path to the left of the main ride from the Beech Avenue entrance, just before arriving at the green. Please wear suitable protective clothing and shoes and don’t forget your elevenses. See you there.

For further information please email