SATURDAY 17th February 2024

10.00 AM TO 1.00 PM


It was a great turn out last month and we cleared a lot of fallen timber down to the bonfire site. A big thanks to all who worked so hard, but there is still loads more to collect.


This month it will be more of the same: a final tidy up around the big beech tree that came down during the storms. Since the last work party we have bought a battery powered chainsaw and many of the bigger branches have been cut away and rolled down to form a border, leaving a lot of brush to clear. Once that is done we can move around to other sites.


We can achieve so much in a few hours when there is plenty of people power, so please do come and help, bring bow saws and loppers if you have them. Don’t worry if you can only bring muscles as we have a good stock of tools in our Green Room but do wear appropriate clothes: shoes/boots and if you intend to use a saw, heavy protective gloves are essential.


Our break for elevenses is almost as important as the work we do, giving us time to socialise, so come prepared with your favourite beverage.


Returning to issues of safety. Last month some of us started to wear our Hi-Viz vests. This not only makes us more visible to one another but also more obvious to other visitors which raises our profile. I would ask that this time more of us don these very stylish garments. Safety is paramount and when finished using a tool, whether it’s your own or one of FoPB’s, please ensure that it is left somewhere obvious and safe, in the nook of a tree for instance, so that visiting children or dogs cannot injure themselves.


We look forward to another epic work party on the 17th . Do come and join in the fun.