SATURDAY 11th November 2023

10.00 AM TO 1.00 PM


It’s that time of year again, wet and muddy, but do we care when it’s bonfire day in the Beeches? of course not, especially when there is a lovely warm fire to gather around. Last year we had so much to burn we thought it would take all day and although there is not so much this year there is still plenty that will need cutting to bonfire size.


Our last work-party had a really good turnout compared with the previous one in September and we're hoping for an equally good one, if not better this month. Please wrap up warm in clothes that won't matter if a hot ember lands on you and, for the same reason, hats of any description should be worn.


If you have a bow saw, loppers or secateurs please bring them, although we have a supply in our Green Room, but when finished using a tool please ensure that it is left somewhere obvious and safe, in the nook of a tree for instance. Most importantly bring your elevenses, especially as the 11th is Remembrance Day and we will stop for two minutes silence at 11am before we take our coffee break.


The bonfire site will be base camp, but early birds please meet at the Green Room to convey all our kit to site, and we will light the fire at 10am sharp. Safety is paramount and a perimeter rope will be in place to stop anybody getting too close. It is important that the fire is managed properly and occasionally it will be requested that no more timber is added to the fire.  Please do not ignore this request. The fire will be left in a safe and secure manner and monitored over the following 24 hours.


We look forward to seeing lots of you on the 11th.



THURSDAY 23RD NOVEMBER 2023 at 7.00pm



1. Apologies.

2. To receive and approve the minutes of last year’s AGM.

3.    To receive the Chairman’s Annual Report.

4.    To receive the Treasurer’s Report.

5.    To Elect Officers for the ensuing year.

(a) Chairman

(b) Secretary

(c) Treasurer

6.    To Elect no more than 4 Committee members for the ensuing year.

7. Agree the annual financial subscription for members for the ensuing year.

8.    Conduct any other business considered necessary to further the aims of The Friends.